I am now a nut cracker, and other odd things I want to share…..

Not really a nut cracker but definitely a knuckle cracker. I never like cracking knuckles. Creeped me out when others did it. I would never do it. I always heard it was bad for your joints. Now suddenly I catch myself cracking them at least five times a day!

Decided that part of the reason I can’t get out of bed in the morning is because with my heated sheet it is so warm and I don’t want to get out into the cold room. So last night I decided to not turn it on. I won’t make that mistake again! I had double yes, DOUBLE charlie cramps in my legs. I can still feel them hurting.

I have to renew my license this year. First tie since I have moved here. I would like to think I have changed physically but the number on the scale says differently.

I think cancer has taken my humor. I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I used to be somewhat funny. Smart funny at times even. Now I struggle to smile at anything I say.

I have only logged twice in the last month! How am I going to finish the big race that is one month! I have no idea .

I think it is odd that I get all of 50 in 50 Marathon (James) blogs emailed to me but his wife Paula at Never a Dull Bling (first blog I followed) doesn’t. I get Shameful Sheep but not Runner Girl or Diane’s Lady who reviews lunches. Why is that? I subscribe to the all the blogs the same way. Technology baffles this old body.

There are stressful things going on in my personal life that I feel I have no input in. In turn it is causing me to hot flash. I take meds to fight the hot flashes but the stress and anxiety always  wins.

I found bird poop on my car that looks like the mother mary. Even the birds are Jesuits in this city.

I want to tiptoe in the tulips this weekend but I am afraid it will only be green stems. No matter I am going on a road trip and I like it! Skagit Valley pictures to follow. That is if I ever take the time to really blog again.

OVERWHELMED!! that is a good word for my brain right now.

Okay that is enough venting to strangers.




I didn’t hit snooze today….

That was about the only thing I did right today. I didn’t hit snooze. I drank all my water. I did a yoga workout before work.

The rest, not so much.

Breakfast: cafe latte superfoods shake with spinach and peaches. Coffee with chocolate almond milk.

Work: Coffee with more of the chocolate almond milk (2) Then I became busy and pulled in several directions and that always makes me hungry. I don’t know why but it does. So I went to the vending machine and found a protein snack pack. It was a hard boiled egg, and cup up cheese and sausage. It hit the spot. Lunchtime rolled around and I was pretty full from that snack and in a hurry. So I warmed up my quinoa with roasted bell peppers. Ate half of it.

That was my last meal of the day. Worked until 7PM. Got home and was so tired I just couldn’t even think straight enough to make a healthy meal, let alone a meal in general. Hubby said he had eaten already so I didn’t need to worry about him. I wasn’t trust me. Knowing I needed some type of food in my belly or I wouldn’t sleep I grabbed a string cheese. Then I went back for a plain cold white tortilla. Yep. That was my dinner.

Let’s hope I don’t hit the snooze button tomorrow AND make better choices.

How did you do?


Blood orange and a spritz…….

Woke up this morning and was disappointed with myself. Disappointed that I didn’t get stuff done on my list over the weekend.  When I wake up like that I know I have to work extra hard to fight off making bad choices with eating. When you see my list today of food consumed today you will see the pattern emerge.

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk (2) Espresso with chocolate almond milk (2) Superfoods shake chocolate with banana, spinach and turmeric.

Lunch: After a few meetings and falling behind on my work I found myself craving Fritos. I don’t know why, except not sleeping well and waking up disappointed. I drank my water and hoped it would go away. It didn’t. I went to lunch and bought a snack size, yet very expensive bag of Fritos. Sat down and put my lunch together. It was a cole slaw with Dijon mustard and rice wine vinegar, tuna salad with greek yogurt and cucumbers and half of a honey crisp apple. The apple is a sensible fiber filled carb. I am eating my salad and really enjoying it. It tasted great. Then I see that bag of chips sitting there and I feel guilty for buying them when I didn’t really want them anymore. So what do I do? Well I eat them anyway. #disappointment

Dinner: Poured a glass of the bottle of Pumpita that I found at Target the other day. I like Sangria and Blood Oranges. I did NOT like this. I don’t really drink wine anymore unless it is a glass of champagne or Prosseco. This was awful. I dumped it out. That is the one thing I am NOT disappointed about! Dinner tonight was roasted chicken and mini bell peppers. It was actually good. I surprised myself even. I am not the best cook and I am really challenged with cooking from ‘feel’ or ‘sight’.  I put it all on a pan and roasted it for  for about 40 minutes. Hubby even liked the chicken.

I decided I needed to warm up so I made a cup of decaf coffee with a splash of chocolate almond milk.

Feeling better than when I started. Just tired.

Didn’t workout today. Drank 140 ounces of water.

How did you do?

Buffalo burgers…oh my!

A very relaxed Sunday and nothing on my to do list really got done so what do I do? I just shut down and do even less. I don’t know why I do this to myself but I do. Which is also why I will then turn around and sabotage myself with food too.

This is how today played out:

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk (2) espresso with almond milk. Blueberry donut.

Stopped up on the South Hill to pick up some cool mittens a friend made for me, so we were so close to Target again we stopped in for another coffee. Venti caffè mocha. Grabbed the bacon egg bites for some protein.

Lunch: We went to Cabellas to shop for some winter clothes for the hubby. Stopped in there for lunch. I ordered the buffalo burger no cheese and a side salad. Choose the balsamic vinaigrette and had half of that on the salad.  Had water to drink. Not bad. I kept the top off the burger and ate all of hubby’s veggies from his burger too. I did all right until I tried one of his super salty twice fried fries dipped in ketchup!! Caught myself eating about five more after that. What is it about salt??

For my dinner I had the rest of my dinner from yesterday. That meant the salad with black olives and cucumbers and onions with, you guessed it balsamic vinaigrette! Also the rest of the sausage and peppers in marinara. It was even better the second day!


No workout today. Water intake was 145 ounces.

How did you do?


I woke up ready to have the day be over..

Seriously, who wakes up on a day off wishing the day was already over? Me I guess. I am sure I am the only one because, who does that?  What I wrote in my tracker after my weight (144.6) Feel full and bloated, ready for the day to be over.  Also, and yes I know this is TMI but I wrote ‘pooped but it was hard’ Over sharing…yep that is me.

Water was good today. 160 ounces in. Not to shabby if I say so myself.

Got to hang out with some sweet children today and the youngest is 8 months old and just a sweetheart.. Loved holding a baby (come on my son and make me a grandma)  I bought donuts to make the kids love me…I think it worked, that and Netflix children channel.

Anyway this is how the food played out today:

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk. The almond milk had toasted oats in it too. Different. It was good. Had two cups of that. Then I made an espresso with milk too. Vanilla shake today with spinach and blueberries.  When the kids came to visit I indulged myself with a blueberry cake donut. Very good.

Lunch: the rest of the steak salad from dinner the night before and a half of a grilled cheese sandwich.

Then I had to head down to the Blue Door Theatre for auditions. We had 13 people show up to audition. I was tired after hanging out with the kids so I stopped for a Garland Street Mocha. It is a mocha with honey and vanilla. Very good.

Dinner: We ordered delivery from Dinardi’s our new favorite pizza place. Hubby had a traditional Stromboli. I had the peppers and sausage with a salad and balsamic vinaigrette. VERY GOOD!! And it was a decent dinner. I only had half of it so I can’t wait for the leftovers tomorrow.

Getting ready to do some pre bedtime yoga and call it a day.

How did you do?

Angry Prawns for the win!

I tried to upload my picture of my dinner from tonight. It didn’t work.  We went to Picabu Bistro, once featured on Diner Drive Ins and Dives with Guy F. We used to live in that neighborhood and went quite often. They have this appetizer called angry prawns and it is soooo good! It will cure what ails you..seriously if you are coming down with cold, eat the prawns. If you are sad, eat the prawns. If you are celebrating eat the prawns.  So with that said it will be a bit tricky to log what I had for dinner but here is the best I can do.

Breakfast: Coffee with almond milk (two) Espresso with almond milk and Irish cream/chocolate syrup Had my chocolate superfoods shake with dark cherries and spinach. Stopped at the coffee shop and had a mocha maple spice latte. Very good.

Lunch: around 2PM today. A slice of FFC bread with tuna salad that I made with turmeric , bell pepper and cucumbers. Had the rest of the mushy cauliflower that I “steamed” overcooked in the Instant Pot (another story) Pita chips and humus.

Dinner: lovely dinner… Two yes TWO cranberry hard ciders, share the angry prawns appetizers with the hubby. Shrimp in a spicy creamy sauce and sourdough bread. Then I had a dijon steak salad. So good…. enough food for three meals…

Water: 150 ounces Workout: Yoga

How did you do?


Feel like I am coming down with whatever is going around right now. Very tired, runny nose, feeling warm and just plain bleh. So needless today my food list is not pretty today because tired is an emotion that I feed. Also, it will be short, I am tired and need to rest.

Breakfast: Two cups of coffee with Vanilla Almond milk. Superfoods shake vanilla with peach and spinach.

Went to work early so I stopped by the local coffee shop and picked up the special the Casper. White chocolate and coconut.

Was feeling stressed. Co-worker offered me his Cheez-its. They were loaded taco flavor. I had three and they did not taste good! bleh.

Lunch: 1:45PM Spinach salad with cucumbers and homemade dressing. 1 cup of those small shrimp. Bought a serving size bag of Garden Salsa Sun Chips. 1/2 and apple. Had a Starbucks Mocha Frap from the work vending machine

Got home so tired and just menopausally (I have decided that was a word)  exhausted. Hubby made dinner for me. Two flour tortillas with melted cheese. Hubby added red pepper flakes to mine and then I added heapfuls of Chulula sauce! I am going to burn this ickiness out of me!!!!

Does chewable zinc tablets count as an accessory?

No workout this morning. I got in 156 ounce of water today.  weight was still down from two days ago.


How did you do?

What’s in your dinner..

My dinner was a glass, the last glass of Prosecco.  Here is the breakdown (not mine, the food)

Slept about 7 and 1/2 hours today. Weight was 144.6 which is DOWN from the last few days so there is that…

Breakfast: coffee with vanilla almond milk. Then an espresso with 1/2 squirt of SF salted caramel syrup and more almond milk. Super foods shake vanilla with blueberries and spinach and a tablespoonful of almond butter.

Work: 1 and 1/2 cups of coffee with half and half. Then some company came by today bringing donuts. AHHH DONUTS!! I had no intention on eating one. I was full and satisfied. Then someone left half of a chocolate and m&m frosted donut. Who leaves half? So, yep I ate it!! Subliminal peer pressure. Ugh. So basically I ate it just because it was there.

Lunch: 1 Slice of FFC (fiber filled carbs) bread (Daves Killer Bread) tuna salad. Tuna with cucumbers, turmeric and bell peppers and a tablespoonful of mayo. Two Ritz Pita crackers. 1/2 of a cucumber and one carrot. Random, I know.

Snack: Ate this about 4:30PM Carrot sticks, 2 tablespoonfuls of humus and the rest of the Ritz pita crackers. This is when I logged I WANT CHOCOLATE!! I texted hubby and told him: ugh.

Got home tonight and had dinner. 1 Pizza flavored Pringle chip. Hubby shared. 1 glass of Prosecco.

Workout: Yoga Water: 125 ounces. Poop: Yes.

How did you do today?

A long and stressful day…

It was a very long and stressful day today at work. I didn’t finish anything and had so many little fires going I think I basically stepped in them and spread them around….bleh.. So with that said I will type very quickly and probably with a million typos because I drank my Neuro Sleep and I can feel it kicking in!!

Breakfast: Coffee! With vanilla almond milk. One cup of homemade espresso with vanilla almond milk. Chocolate super foods shake with spinach and 1/2 cup dark cherries.

Work: Katie brought me a special from the coffee shop around the corner and it was wonderful! White chocolate mocha and coconut. It is  called the ‘Casper’ 16 oz. It was also wonderful because I was so busy today at work that I made a cup of coffee with half and half and ONLY was able to drink half before it went so cold that I had to dump it out! (who am I?)

Lunch: When I finally got to take it an hour and half late! Salad. Spinach with tomato and bell peppers. Used the last of the diluted balsamic vinaigrette from the other day. Half of a sweet potato and two Italian sausage links. I remembered to drink my water first.

Dinner: So tired from work, too lazy to make a healthy dinner. I did boil pasta for hubby: Ravioli stuffed with Italian sausage and pesto sauce.  Meanwhile I made dinner for me after all. I was only going to live off of my glass of Prosecco but that is wrong.. I reheated my over cooked veggies from yesterday with a handful of cheddar cheese. While I was waiting for the microwave (it takes soooo long) to ding I ate a pinch of cheese from the bag because I hadn’t finished sealing it. (sad) I also had to try the ravioli because it was a new flavor so I had ONE plain one to nibble on. And the rule is if you nibble it you scribble it, so here it is.

I DID do yoga this morning a complicated crazy Eagle pose. I also had 125 ounces plus of water today and I POOPED!! I slept about 7-8 hours last night and that helps. Unfortunately it is only because of the Neuro Sleep. Scale did not budge but that means it did not go up so I am okay with that.

How did you do?

Nothing to talk about..

I have nothing I want to share or talk about tonight. Here is my list of food today.

Breakfast: coffee!! with vanilla almond milk (2) Espresso with almond milk. Chocolate superfoods shake with dark cherries, almond butter and spinach.

Work: Coffee (surprise surprise) three cups with 1/2 and 1/2 I need to find a container for almond milk and bring it for the office

Lunch: 1/2 apple, I cup of shrimp, the rest of the greek salad from Saturday. 1/2 a serving of the Ritz Pita crackers

Snack: the rest of the pita crackers, humus and 2 carrots

Dinner: 1 glass of champagne pre-seasoned tilapia broccoli and cauliflower.

I had 150 ounces of water.

20 minutes of yoga this morning.

How did you do?