Todays revenge wog brought to you by thighs

My thighs.

The reason I can’t run in shorts. The reason I have to buy jeans with stretch. The reason I have invested in the Glide for Her sticks. The reason my one piece bathing suit is a struggle to get on and off.

My thighs and I have always had this kind of relationship. They are large and in charge. I have tried to change my mindset from hate to acceptance. Simply stating that I have ‘powerful, strong thighs’ It doesn’t always work.

Every time I am in shorts and go for a walk the constant burning and chaffing between my thighs reminds me of why I am learning to wog.

Revenge on my thighs! They must be tamed. I dream of a time when I can wear shorts and move without causing a small fire between my legs!

I was told of a product called Glide. I found some and purchased two sticks. Expensive little sticks. It looks like deodorant, and for all I know it probably is just that. You simply roll it on to your chaffing spots when you run. The pictures suggests your bra areas, bottom of your feet (what?)and your thighs. I use this product when I wear a dress. It goes on a little sticky at first. I try not to move until it dries. And it last for a few hours if I am just hanging out in my dress or shorts. As far as using it when I wog? Not yet. I  am not brave enough yet to go in anything but my workout pants. Guaranteed no chaffing, or burning or smokey thighs fires that way.

Revenge on my thighs. Reason #2 for picking up the wogging.

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