Baby revenge steps..

Today I actually got off the couch and went for a jog!! Yes an actual jog!

I only walked for 1 minute! One minute, this is huge people, HUGE!

Okay, so it was only 1 mile.

I started downhill so the gravity and momentum would help.

I tried to end on a downhill so my average pace looked good.

I think this is called ‘inflating the numbers’…or something along those lines.

According to RunKeeper I have officially set a new running record. A new personal record.

Which in the running world is referred to as PR. (I am in the know now)

My first true baby step to hatch my evil plan of revenge has begun!!

Revenge against my thighs. Revenge against the naysayers. Revenge against the people who say I can’t. And most importantly, revenge against my negative mind.

Who says revenge wogging isn’t healthy..

Wog on people. Wog on.

One comment

  1. Sue-Ann · July 22, 2015

    Haha I do that too, trudge up steep hills so I can fly down them and pretend my average speed is better than it actually is 🙂

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