Get out of bed. Get out of bed. You are going to jog a mile this morning. Get out of bed!

Thoughts racing through my mind before I even suit up. Maybe I will just do some Pilates instead of a jog. Or Plyo. Both forms of exercise I fear and detest more than running. Just do this, just do this, just do this. It is one mile. You did it yesterday. YOU NEED TO DO THIS.

Thoughts on my jog. Oh my breast are aching I wore the wrong bra this morning. Man my knees are tight.  Did I take a Benadryl before I left? I still have to boil eggs and make crab salad for hubby’s lunch. Why do I feel so tired? It must be all that junk food I ate this weekend. I didn’t properly fuel myself. I didn’t even have a cup of coffee yet to wake me up (gasp!!) I can’t keep this pace up…..

…and then I just start walking. I walked more of my one mile today than I wanted to. I walked for half of the time it took to finish. I could hear my RunKeeper app telling me I was slowing down. I wasn’t going to finish as strongly as yesterday. All I could think was ‘when I get around this bend I will start jogging again’ and then it would be the next bend or the next bend. Finally, I get up to a jogging gait. I hear the app tell me I finally reached a mile I stop the RunKeeper immediately. I don’t want to hear how much I sucked today. Two minutes longer than yesterday. Ugh.

Then I get an email from the app. It tells me I just set a new record. What? How? I open the email. It says I have run 7 times so far this month. SEVEN TIMES!!  That is a new PR. This is something I can be proud of. This is something that will fuel my revenge against my mind. I still have eleven days left in July! I can set a crazy higher new goal for August!

Revenge wogging is hard. But I AM WORTH IT!!

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