Revenge wogging is..well, emotional.

I had no intention of running tonight. And I lived up to that thought.

I was supposed to teach class tonight but it wasn’t meant to be. Went to Target and  Froyo instead. I still needed to get some exercise in. I knew damn well it would not be a run, wog, or jog.

I needed to at least walk. Somewhere. Anywhere.

I couldn’t find my earbuds. And when I walk I don’t like to be left alone with my thoughts. You know, with them being  evil plotting revenge thoughts and all. No earbuds, means no music, means alone with thoughts.

I started walking randomly in a different direction than usual. No destination in mind. Just random wandering. And I start thinking of how hard it is to run. I mean to really run. Fast, hard, continually, determined. How my whole body aches all the time.  How much harder it is on my lungs. How revenge has become a thing for me when I have not a single competitive bone in my body. Why does the PR mean something? Why now that I have aged so much do I want to start living?

The thoughts can overwhelm me at times and I catch my eyes welling up with tears.


I am stronger than my thoughts. I am stronger than my worries. I am stronger than my mental fatigue.


One emotional step at a time.


  1. neveradullbling · July 24, 2015

    I have had every single one of these thoughts myself and I have cried during my runs as well. But then, you’re right… the strength comes back in full force! You are stronger than that!! Great post! One I can totally relate to!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sue-Ann · July 24, 2015

    I find wine helps… a lot 🙂
    Makes the thoughts less vicious, the revenge more tasty and well… wine!

    Liked by 1 person

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