Confessions of a revenge wogger…..

I have had a hard time getting a run in lately. The last day I got out was Sunday… I think. It feels like it might have been a Sunday morning wog.

I am not sure revenge is really the best motivator for me. Perhaps knowing that I have told everyone, with the exception of the friend I want revenge on, that I have a goal. A master plan. An evil revenge plot. A desire to beat her.

One would think that failing or falling in front of others would be motivation enough.

Yet here I sit, nursing my sorrows and semi sore throat with a Bloody Mary wishing I had the energy and focus to train.

At least with the Bloody Mary I have had two servings of veggies for dinner.

And I should mention how thankful I am right now for spell check.

Revenge…. I will have it. Even if I fail, I will have revenge on my own self.

One comment

  1. neveradullbling · August 19, 2015

    Two servings of veggies is two servings of veggies any way you look at it! You’ll get your revenge… I have faith. May, right? You’ll get it. 🙂

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