my test is this Saturday.

Today I officially put all my textbooks away.

If I don’t know it by now, I never will.

My head is a jumble of VO max thresholds, transtheoretical modes, RICE, PRICE, CONFRONT, Tanaka and Monahan formulas and other mumble jumble that is important to reach my goals.

I have decided that age IS a factor in learning and it IS really hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

I am done. Possibly burnt out. If I pass, that is wonderful. If not I will try again in a few months.

No matter, I am going to get back to working out, and revenge, and wogging and blogging.

This is the test.


  1. neveradullbling · October 29, 2015

    What is this test?! What has been taking you away from your revenge training? What did I miss somewhere? I can’t even pronounce the words you wrote in that paragraph!! I wish you much, much luck with your test… I really hope that you pass so that you may resume revenge wogging! (seriously, good luck!!)

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    • breidengale · October 30, 2015

      I want to get my Group Fitness Instructor lic. I want to branch out into other forms of exercise and teach. This is a step in that direction. IT IS HARD!! I had no idea there would be this much learning….If I didn’t have to teach Zumba three nights a week I am not sure I would be getting in exercise at all these last few months!! Which is kind of an oxymoron when you think about it 😉 P.S. trouble is I can’t pronounce those word either…. Big Sigh. Saturday.. one way or the other it will be done….for now

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      • neveradullbling · October 30, 2015

        Oh wow!!! That is so totally cool!!! Okay, really crossing my fingers for you!!!! Best of luck!!!

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