My next 5K

I find it ironic  that I signed up to run the Susan G Koman 5K run in April (It is a pre-qualifier for the big revenge run in May) only to find out I will have to change my running status to ‘survivor’

I will keep wogging.

I will get my revenge.

Even if I have one less boob!! 😀


  1. neveradullbling · November 10, 2015

    Just think… you may wog faster without it!! (oh, sorry, was that insensitive?) 😀 How great it’s going to be wogging it as a Survivor!!!

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    • breidengale · November 12, 2015

      LOL You are right one less thing to slow me down!! Not insensitive at all. I hope my humor carries through all of this and get stronger. I may actually finally have the guts to do stand up like I keep saying I am going to every year!! And survivor is a lovely title to have 🙂

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