My complaints..

I just posted on Facebook last night about how I have nothing to complain about. Or at least that I have no right to complain, ever.

Then this morning all I could think was how I wish I had never donated my ‘before’ clothes because I could use them right about now.

Nothing fits. Everything is too tight and shows off my lazy eating habits.  Seriously, there are rolls under those shirts and pants that are nothing but me. Not a six pack of rolls, or anything as pleasant and adorable as that. But those cheap 12 pack heat and serve rolls that I can never get enough of at Thanksgiving. And don’t forget to smother them with mashed potatoes and tons of gravy. For that matter just cover everything in gravy.

I would say that it has been a bad month but truthfully it has been a bad couple of years. I just don’t like to watch what I eat. I workout several times a week and started wogging a bit more than in the past, but the food, oh the food!!! I just love to eat. I justify it in my head, I workout so eating what I want is okay. It is not. It just takes a little longer to catch up to you.

I have always said that if a doctor told me how to eat I would do right by that. This is harder to do than I thought.

Per Dr.’s orders no more wine. Eat as organic as possible. Cut back on red meat.

Why can’t peanut M&M’s be organic?


A time will come soon when I will be on bed rest and restricted movement. I really need to curb this appetite accordingly. The holidays make it harder. The cold weather makes a desire for comfort food overwhelming.

Okay my complaining is over….for now. And I did save a bottle of champagne to celebrate when this whole detour/challenge is over!


  1. neveradullbling · November 21, 2015

    Okay, here comes that bad advice by everyone that I warned you about before… I say go to the thrift store, get you a couple of nice outfits to wear that are more comfortable. Just for now… until you’re back on track from this hellish detour. Do not for any reason succumb to sweat pants. They will destroy your state of mind, and you don’t need that right now. You are going to need comfy somethings while recovering… wear leggings to “keep an eye” on things. (See, I told you… bad, stupid advice)

    I wish peanut M&Ms were organic too, 😦 . Temporary… this is all temporary. There WILL be an end to it and you’ll be back to your good ole self. Good enough to take out your revenge… in spades!

    More bad advice… make sure you look at that bottle of champagne daily. That’s your primary goal for right now. 😀

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    • breidengale · November 22, 2015

      this is great ‘bad’ advice!! thanks! And I can’t miss the champagne…. I placed it strategically #greatmindsthinkalike 😉

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