What is it about Free Food?

Seriously?!?!?! The last week has been unusual to say the least. Work was closed because of power failure from the windstorm or I should say  #treeapocalypse2015 in the Inland Northwest. There are still homes and business’ without power even now as I type this. That makes 7 days. 7!!

Meanwhile since we were closed Wednesday and Thursday we worked all our Wednesday orders on Friday and worked 12 hours. Then we worked Thursday/ Friday orders on Saturday (are you confused yet, I was) and worked another 12 hour shift. To show their appreciation the company had lunch catered on Saturday. It was Longhorn BBQ. And it was delicious and I had  toHAVE a bit of everything including 2 cookies and a soda.. You know because it was free and all.

Then today was the traditional Apple Cup Tailgate party at work. You wear your favorite football teams jersey. Side note: I detest football. Last year I wore a ‘futbol’ aka soccer jersey. Anyway, the tailgate party was little smokies in BBQ sauce, fried chicken, potato salad, beans, salad, fruit, and lots of fixings…including MORE COOKIES!!!! It would be impolite to not eat a bit of everything, right? Including “carrots” which is what I call crunchy cheetos… (I can justify anything)

Also, during the outage we went to the casino for the buffet dinner since nothing else was open including grocery stores. (another justifiable excuse) and there I preceded to eat pretty much everything, because well, I have to get my moneys worth?!?!?!?

My body is saying….sweat pants? As You Wish.



  1. neveradullbling · November 25, 2015

    Hahahaha! No, no, no, no, no! Welllll…. okay…. maybe ONLY for the weekend! (as I sit around in my track bottoms… pretty soon I’ll be putting on my running capris just to be comfy). BTW… I LOVE carrots!!! And what a super positive way to look at such evil things… but hey, you have to get your veggies from somewhere, don’t you! Seven days without power… and I thought we had it bad. I knew you guys were hit, but I didn’t realize just how hard. I feel so bad for those still without heat… it’s freaking cold out there. At least you’re appreciated and got some super yummy food out of the deal. So, yes… as you wish… but only for this weekend… 😀 (The Princess Bride… one of the greatest movies of the 80s!)


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