Screw This.


I am officially calling it “the day I willingly let them stick another needle in my boob’ day.


Tonight I purposely sip my Moscow Mule silently thinking that I am feeding the cancer.


This post brought to you by Skyy Vodka and ginger beer.

Tonights sleep brought to you by melatonin.

All I can think is “screw this” and have another sip.



This too shall pass……..right?

I am more feisty than the cancer. I will win! I will get my revenge! I will teach again! I will be an even better, friendlier, kinder person after this!

Right after I finish this vodka…….


  1. neveradullbling · December 4, 2015

    Nope! Don’t let that cancer change you! You’re perfect the way you are. I hope it goes well tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you and waiting for a thumbs up, if for no other reason than to say, done with the crap for the day. (Don’t forget the Tylenol to ward off the potential headache tomorrow, lol) 😉

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    • breidengale · December 4, 2015

      thankfully no headache. no workout for tonight (biopsy rules) BUT I did get a shower in the morning since I won’t be able to for 24 hours and I have that Christmas party tomorrow… At least I will smell clean. And I can slide those spanks under the dress and look like I work out 😉 Have a wonderful day!!

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  2. neveradullbling · December 4, 2015

    … from the vodka, not the needle, 😀

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  3. breidengale · December 4, 2015

    yep 🙂


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