I was warned by the surgeon and the nurse ahead of time that my urine will be blue and that maybe I will have a blue nipple as well. I joked around and called myself a smurf thinking of it.

What I wasn’t prepared for is that lack of a bowel movement. Now in my past life I worked as a certified pharmacy technician for 18 years. I know that pain meds can cause constipation. What I didn’t know is that the surgery will also lend a helping hand in that department. I haven’t pooped since Wednesday!

I wasn’t too concerned on Friday because I was still on the pain medication. I wasn’t really feeling any ill effects of the lack of movement.

Saturday it has become a thought that I need to be aware of. They told me to take Milk of Magnesia if I am still constipated. I thought I would try my own laxative first. COFFEE!! Usually coffee pushes all my stuff out first thing in the morning. No such luck. My husband “made” me go shopping and walk around yesterday, hoping for some type of response. Nope. So I went and bought the dreaded milk of magnesia.

I have a friend whose mom literally drinks this stuff everyday. How bad can it be?

It says no more than 4 tablespoonfuls in a 24 hour period. It could work in 1/2  hour up to 6 hours. I was done going out for the day so let’s get this party started. I drank 2 tablespoonfuls to start. UGH!! This stuff is disgusting. Good thing they recommend 8 ounce of water after taking it!!  I needed to wash the taste away. Now I wait. I throw on a movie and hang on the couch. I wait and wait. It is now morning and I still haven’t gone. Having more coffee now and will take another dose soon. Maybe, I think we are going to go to the mall so maybe if I take it and plan on going out and about it will hit me all at once in a public place. Yeah, that is how my life usually goes…. it just might work.

Good news though, I finally get to shower today.


One comment

  1. neveradullbling · January 10, 2016

    Hahahaha… it’s going to hit you when you’re far away from a potty, because, yes, that’s how it works. Just like exits, know where all the facilities are at all times! 😀

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