The last “normal” work day I will have in a long time

Remember to shave the visible mole hairs that only bother me.

Frozen pizza and wine, because the damage is already done.

Remind myself to vasoline my armpit tomorrow night to remove glue from previous surgery.

How am I going to wash my hair?

Do I say goodbye?

Hug everyone, twice.

It is not the end, just a different beginning.


The last “normal” day of my “normal” life in my “normal” mind.



  1. neveradullbling · January 13, 2016

    No, you don’t say goodbye. Because it’s not goodbye. It’s a short term leave of absence. You say, See you when I get back. I pray your life returns to normal soon. Minus a boob. (Sorry, too soon?) Okay, if it’s not too soon, them just think… you now get to start the second half of your life with new boobs. Let’s face it… we all need a lift after having children, but you get brand new boobs that the insurance will cover. To begin the 2nd half of your normal life.

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    • breidengale · January 14, 2016

      two new boobs!!! and I can run without a bra!!!! second half of a normal life…. I like that.

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