The Silver Chair.

There is a book in the Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis called the ‘Silver Chair’ In the story two humans from our world and a marshwiggle from the world of Narnia are sent on a mission by Aslan himself to find a lost prince.

Aslan gives them several signs or rules to not break in order for their safety and success. Of course, the adventure unfolds because of forgetting or ignoring the simple rules/signs.

Eventually they make it to a deep underworld city. Where they meet the queen and her knight. He worships her and does all that she says. She seems kind and happy in her world.

As the story continues the children and marshwiggle are asked by the knight to stay with him during his bewitching hour. He must be tied to a silver chair during this time. He just wanted some company but asked that no matter what he says do not release him from the chair.

Well as you can imagine, when the hour arrives he starts begging to be released, demanding it. Claiming to be Prince Rillian. Not until he demands to be released in the name of Aslan do the children jump up and do something. They attack the chair and release the prince. The story then becomes a new adventure from there.

My current state of being made me think of this story. I take my meds and go into a suspended stupor of supposed sleep. At best I get somewhat comfortable and lay in one place motionless. Yet every night around 1 A.M., my bewitching hour, I awake and am hysterical. I can’t breathe, I can’t move, I want to cry. My husbands waits patiently for this  to happen. He comes to the bed, sits me up, gives me my meds, rubs my left arm, resets my pillows and lays me down again begging me to rest.

I can not wait for the time when we can ‘break the chair’ and destroy this moment of suspended time. Today marks one week from the surgery. Yes, I have been making good strides. Yet, I seem so far away from being strong enough to get to the other side of this adventure.

I think I need to find my boxed set of The Chronicles of Narnia and read them again, for at least the 20th time.



  1. neveradullbling · January 23, 2016

    One day, this will all be a distant memory… hopefully next year at this time. I know, pretty sad for encouragement, but I want to make it all go away for you. I missed a day of stuff with traveling and all… tell me about the pathology. Do you have the results yet? But the best news ever… you have clean hair now! Happy dance!! ❤

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    • breidengale · January 25, 2016

      Pathology came back with NO NEW CANCER!!!! it was the first night that me, my mom and my husband slept for 8 hours!! FINALLY some good news!

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      • neveradullbling · January 25, 2016

        Oh, that is such fantastic news!!! So no chemo and no radiation??


  2. breidengale · January 25, 2016

    at this point in time no. I see the oncologist in Feb. he will make the final decision if I need to do a ‘maintenance’ chemo or not.

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  3. Middle Aged Rager · January 28, 2016

    Nothing like a good dose of Narnia to lift the spirit! As Aslan said once, “joy shall be yours.”


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