It has been eleven days since the life altering amputation.

Recovery has involved a swollen arm, constant medication, my mother visiting, husband giving me shots in my abs, doctor visits, stripping lines, measuring drains, and lots of medicating. Did I mention the medications?

When I go to the plastic surgeon she fills my temporary implants. Yes they are temporary and deflated and held in place by a piece of cadaver.

We walked into the office and my husband saw this tray with lots of things on in it. Including two needles the size you would assume an elephant would receive. They are about 7 inches long and about 2 inches around. Each has a very fine needle attached. My husband asked if she was a veterinarian. Dr Hathaway just laughed and poked one straight into my boob. She filled about 100 cc each side.

I have had two drains removed, three to go (hopefully next Monday) and I think two more fills. When all the drains are removed I will be allowed to shower, thank heavens! and sleep on my side if it is comfortable.

A week after I get my last fill, I think February 22nd I will be allowed to wear a sports bra. A bra! I am so excited.

I asked the doctor when I will be allowed to jog again. She simply laughed at me and poked a needle in my boob.

I think it will be a long while before I can jog or teach Zumba again. Nghh.




One comment

  1. neveradullbling · January 28, 2016

    I don’t understand what she’s doing! What’s going on with the boobs? Do you have like implants and she’s reconstructing them and filling them up to normal size? Is this something that hurts or are you thankfully on enough medication that nothing hurts right now? No jogging? How am I going to get inspired to run an entire mile without stopping now? (just get better… I’ll figure out the mile thing!!) šŸ˜€


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