Hello my name is Renee. I live in my pajamas. I put on sweats and slip on boots when I have to go out. I eat everything in site. I am not allowed to work out. I am going stir crazy.  I want to read but the meds make it hard to focus. I am totally caught up on Beverly Hillbilly’s and Petticoat Junction. I am annoyed with my uncomfortable drains and breast binder. I am tired of being tired. Life’s curveballs are sometimes really dumb. Being flexible is not always easy.

Complaining over.

One comment

  1. neveradullbling · February 1, 2016

    I’m sorry dear one! This really sucks. But on the positive side, once this is done, it’s done!! I know that doesn’t help right now, but think long term. This is a short blip, 😦 , kinda like being pregnant? Lol! Hugs my dear friend! Xoxo


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