I put on pants!!

I know this is not something revolutionary. But today I was so excited to be getting out my last drain that I actually put on pants!!  I refer to these affectionately as my ‘fat’ pants. I call them that because when it is my period and I am super bloated these will fit. So you know, fat pants.

I will admit I could barely get them zipped and buttoned. Thanks to lack of exercise and poor food choices this last month or so. But here is proof I got them on. I did it all by myself. Hubby is at work and I found a friend to take me to the appointment. The other thing I am super proud of in this picture… I put on real shoes that had to be tied. I have been going out in sweats and slip on boots. It is just more convenient a.k.a. effortless.

I was just so excited to get the last drain out I felt I could celebrate with real clothes!! The best part of getting the drain out is in twenty fours hours I get to take a real honest to goodness shower. I may blog about that tomorrow just don’t expect a picture.

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  1. neveradullbling · February 3, 2016



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