Rabbit ears.

Yes, this is a REAL picture of the antenna setup in my bedroom.

Yes, there is one silver extending metal thingy missing. (technical term)

Once upon a time we had cable. That is a blog all unto itself. Now we have rabbit ears and get a few channels if the weather permits.

Tonight the channel we wanted to watch kept going out. The timing of it was perfect. Every punch line, story shift, scene change the television would static or black out. No, it is not the Bachelor.

I came into the bedroom to see if I could pick it up. I start messing with all the silver extending metal thingys. Turn all the knobs and move the boxes around. Suddenly I get a clear picture that seems to be staying. Naturally I can’t move now.

I tried to call for my husband so he could watch with me. I am afraid to even move my chin in fear that it would go out again. I begin calling quietly out of the side of my mouth. One hand on the antenna box the other pointing directly at the screen. He can’t hear me. I try to speak louder out of the side of my mouth being ever so careful to not move. Finally he hears me. I tell him in side mouth quiet words to stand in the hallway and peer cautiously through the bedroom door. He doesn’t quite understand me and I speak up and tell him if he stands in the hallway we can watch our show together.

Of course the second I speak louder I loose the picture. Curses! No really, curses ensued.

Perhaps if I place rolled up balls of aluminum foil on the ends of the silver extending metal thingys I will have better reception.

And now you all know that I am old and cheap.




One comment

  1. neveradullbling · February 19, 2016

    Hahahaha! Oh so very reminiscent of the good old days! Get basic cable (only local channels) then get a Roku for streaming! That’s actually what we do! We watch all of 2 programs… news on cable and Frasier on the Roku! It works, lol! (The child streams thru his x-box) 😀

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