Healthy eating? B.S.

today I made my very first protein smoothie. I bought a Nutri Ninja (its a ninja, and ninja’s silently rock) I searched for a protein powder with no sugars/sweeteners or soy. Found some at Mother’s Cupboard. It is plain flavored, which is fine because I am mixing it with fruit and veggies. Now, the Ninja came with 75 recipes but I was just going to experiment with my own. So today this is what I made: spinach, water, protein powder, frozen mixed berries. Seems simple enough. Well….. the Ninja is freaking loud!! It makes my lights in the kitchen flicker! It woke Keith up on the other side of the apartment! Me trying to hold it down for 30 seconds for a short person is a challenge too! I blended it, opened it and it was thick sludge, brown sludge, like thick brown mud sludge! So I add more water, blend again, flicker flicker…still sludge….so more water. Finally!! it is liquid enough to drink. I take a swig……UGH this is awful!! It is gritty and the color is so unappetizing! I grab a straw and that helps. It makes it go straight down the gullet, no taste buds. I will try again tomorrow…..stay tuned.


  1. fattymccupcakes · March 20, 2016

    What kind of berries? Can you add almond or coconut milk instead of water? Good luck!


    • breidengale · March 20, 2016

      I’ve been using strawberries, and frozen mixed berries. I was using Kefir but I am just going to use regular skim milk for awhile. It’s what we always have on hand. Currently I am doing banana, milk, protein powder with added greens and probiotics, frozen marionberries or ice…depending on my mood. BUT I have found with the metal taste in my mouth if I use a straw I avoid it completely so ice blends easier than the berries. And thank you!

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      • fattymccupcakes · March 20, 2016

        That sounds like an amazing blend!! I always have to drink my protein shakes with straws, too!

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