No hair for my hairbrush…..

When my son was young and my husband and I were heavily involved with our church, teaching Sunday school and Youth Group, we were addicted to Veggie Tales. Veggie Tales are cartoon Christian veggies. Veggie Tales starred Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber. They would tell veggie versions of Bible stories and choosing to do the right thing. They are brilliant and have things for the adults as well as the kids. My favorite thing was when they did Silly Songs with Larry. Larry is the best! He belted out songs about Water Buffalos and Barbara Manatee and the such. My favorite and the one that is running through my head constantly right now is the Hairbrush song.

In this song Larry laments about not being able to find his hairbrush. Oh where is my hairbrush he sings. Eventually you find out his best friend Bob had given the hairbrush to the peach, because he has hair. Larry concedes and sings to the peach, take care of my hairbrush, take care of my hairbrush, take care take care oh where take care of my hairbrush!

When my hair started drastically thinning I knew I needed to make some choices. I could tr  to hold off shaving it since I had so much hair no one would notice the thinning for awhile. The problem with that is there was long hair everywhere!  EVERYWHERE!! In my food, in my bed, on the floor, on my computer keyboard, down my shirt. Everywhere.

It was driving me nuts! I text my husband from work Tuesday and said ‘do not make plans tonight you are shaving my head’. It frightened him a little because he has never done that  to anyone before. We approached it with confidence and laughter. He kept his attitude light so that maybe I wouldn’t freak out. That would make him freak out too. I was worried I would cry. I didn’t. It wasn’t easy, it was just the least annoying thing to do for me at the time.

As Keith was shaving my head he kept saying ‘wow your head is so tiny!’ We had no idea it was so small! I have always been told that I have a large head (by family) the biggest in the family. Turns out it is all hair!

When all was said and done I ended up with a super short buzz cut. You can clearly see on the sides where I was having some balding already taking place. Keith was excited with how well he did. He told me I looked great. Of course he said that, he is my husband and doesn’t want me to cry. I stood up and take out the stool so I can look in the bathroom mirror. The mirror is really high and I am really short, it is quite comical actually. I catch a glance at myself, I turn to Keith and said ‘I look like a freakin’ bad ass marine chick!’ he smiled and said ‘yes, yes you do’.

I am still having some scalp soreness, and I am still losing hair like crazy but now it is like whiskers, not long strands everywhere. Much more manageable.

There are some downsides:

my head is cold!

my hair is all gray!

I look like a boy more now than ever! (I was always teased when I was younger that I look like a boy! Part of my self esteem issues lol)

BUT, I have hats, and scarves that were made for me and lent to me.  My aunt sent me a wig to use too. It is in the picture above.  I still have my eyebrows and eyelashes. I will probably have them until the end of April so for now a hat looks fine because I have eyebrows and lashes.

I thought shaving my head would defeminise me. It turns out it is quite liberating. I no longer have to worry about a bad hair day. Or wait for my hair to dry enough after a shower before going to bed. I won’t have to buy Draino for the shower for months. Or replace my shampoo and conditioner. I have enough to wash the wig with so I am covered.

It is for the greater good.

Just like the chemo.




  1. ladieswholunchreviews · April 7, 2016

    Good attitude, girl. I bet you do look pretty badass!! Hugs and kisses!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. neveradullbling · April 7, 2016

    Awesome possum!! Love the positivity!! Oo-rah!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. NickyB. · April 7, 2016

    Love Veggie Tales😊


  4. Natalie · April 8, 2016

    You do look like a bad ass marine chick. I love how positive you are Renee and strong. I am very happy that you are doing good and I am hoping I will get to see you this summer. Also, I have no idea who was telling you, you have a big head, but no, I always knew that. Lol, maybe they ment ego.


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