Suddenly I am a tree hugger…

Okay, so I may not really be a tree hugger. But I totally get the concept of hugging a tree. I mean literally hugging a tree.

As a very touchy, feely, hands on girl, even more so when alcohol is involved. I have become very isolated because of chemotherapy.

I am not to hug people, shake hands, go to movie theaters, go dancing in sweaty clubs or any crowded places.

I am isolated.

I am lonely.

I feel neglected.

I feel sad.

I feel rude when I do not hug as a greeting.

I need human contact.

I need socialization.

I need people.

I need friends.

I find that I text more often now just hoping to have some type of conversation, with anyone.

I find that tree very appealing. It needs a hug. If only it could hug back.

Sad part is I would hug a tree then have to sterilize myself from whatever may be growing or living on the tree ‘just in case’

If the tree could hug back I may just make it through this.

Maybe I just need a pet.



One comment

  1. neveradullbling · April 9, 2016

    Pets are great at giving those necessary hugs and attention! I want for nothing because of my kitties and fish! (Yes! Even Fish! They’re great for company!)

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