Snippets of my thoughts….

Thankful that the headache I had for two days finally broke.

Upset that the pizza I ordered was wrong, again. Actually had the courage to call them and have them give me credit.

Finally worked the nerve up to call the pharmacy about getting fitted for a lymphedema compression sleeve. He didn’t laugh at me. I have a terrible fear of talking to strangers on the phone. I am sure there is a phobia name for it. Maybe it is called ‘weridodumbass phobia’ or ‘freadycat phobia’

Some of my hair on my head is still growing. Some spots on my legs too. My head is getting dry so I rub a handful of lotion on it. It is such an odd thing as a women to rub lotion on your scalp.

I am dying to go for a run. A real run. The weather is perfect. Bloomsday is Sunday and I won’t be there. They will probably have a color and design on the shirt I adore and I will not have one. Makes me sad. Actually a little mad. I had revenge plans, REVENGE PLANS!!  Now the person I was going to revenge is running it in my honor. Bleh, that makes me feel ‘special’.

My computer fell off my lap yesterday. It only fell about 4 inches onto a carpeted floor. Now my screen is all shaking and I can’t use it. I had to make an appointment to get it to the Apple doctor.  Funny thing is a few weeks after buying the computer we had it in the back of the car. It slid out when we spend the trunk about 3 feet onto cement and it was fine. I am using my husbands computer to do my Cancercize with Renee B. videos. I have limited access to all my accounts, mostly because I do not remember ANY of my passwords!!

Two parcels came in the mail for me yesterday. One was a hat with curly hair attached to it. So cute. The other a headband with long hair that has pink streaks in it and a hat to cover the top of my bald head. It is so cool! Two different friends, from two different states thinking of me and sending something so thoughtful. My hubby almost cried when he saw them on and who they came from. Friends crawling out of the woodwork. Amazing.

Saw a guy ‘casing’ a car out front of my apartment today. Couldn’t get the window open fast enough to yell at him and scare him. I will leave a note on the car to warn the owner. Maybe if they park it in another spot it will confuse the guy?

Today is my third round of chemotherapy. I get anxious every time. I generally don’t sleep well the day before. I break out in an anxiety rash all over. I get extra moody and touchy with coworkers and the husband. It happens every time. I know the process. I know the only part that hurts is when they hook me up to the machine. I know the effects of the meds usually don’t show up until that evening or the next day. Yet I am anxious and unsettled.

It ticks me off that when I weigh myself at home I am 145.6. When I go to the doctor’s office (they make me weigh in EVERY time) I weigh between 150 and 151. I blame the shoes and the time of day.

There you go, snippets into my mind.









  1. ladieswholunchreviews · April 28, 2016

    I need pictures of your new hats, please. Love that you take the bear! Sending hugs ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. neveradullbling · April 28, 2016

    Oh, I’m so sorry you’re having a bad week, in fact, a terrible week! I’m glad your headache is gone too… please be sure to tell the doctor about that. I think he needs to know each and every little physical thing that’s going on with you right now. Good luck with today. Only one more after this and then your implants, and then you can start putting this whole nightmare behind you!! Hugs my friend!! Xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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