“You can never do enough to be enough. If you have challenges figuring out who you are, stop searching. “Enough” is not a place you find, it is not a destination, it is not what you do. Being enough is a state of “being”. Enough is about acceptance. Accept who you are and devote time and energy into becoming the person that you deserve to become” Jeffery Coombs

‘you’ve got it all wrong. you didn’t come here to master unconditional love. that is where you came from and where you’ll return. you came here to learn personal love. universal love. messy love. sweaty love. crazy love. broken love. whole love. infused with divinity. lived through the grace of stumbling. demonstrated through the beauty of…….messing up. often. you didn’t come here to be perfect. you already are. you came here to be gorgeously human. flawed and fabulous.’

These are two things that popped up in my Facebook ‘You have memories’ app.

Funny how they both strike a similar and powerful cord.

As a woman, mom, wife, co-worker, daughter, sister,friend I have never felt like enough. There is always something more I can do to be better at those titles. Something that I could say or do that will finally make me good enough to deserve those titles.

Enough is enough. Life truly is short. There is no time to pursue a perfection that doesn’t exist. There is only time to chase after the good, the love, the peace of mind that you are enough. Accepting that is difficult. Knowing that it is time to accept it is a reality.

I have dreams. I have ideas. I want to move forward. I want to not fear that I will fail. I want to not fear that I will fall.

There are choices in our lives. No one has control over our choices. They are left up to us. You make the choice to move forward in life. You make the choice to cut the negative people who only stop you or bring you down. You make the choice to understand that failing is not failure just a step to finding your success. You make the choice to have joy in your life. You make the choice to understand that messy, sweaty, crazy, broken, whole love can not happen if you are pursuing to be ‘enough’. It only comes when you accept that you already are enough and invest the time into nurturing that truth.

Today I choose to be enough. Today I accept that I am flawed and fabulous. Today I accept that my dreams and purpose are one in the same. Today I will be me.


  1. ladieswholunchreviews · May 9, 2016

    Thank you for the reblog!

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