Met the new neighbor……

No one in my real world has really seen the bald me.

Oh my husband has. He in fact is the one who shaved my head when my hair started falling out by the cupfuls.

My son has when he has come over to hang out with us at the house.

One of the oncology nurses has because at my last infusion I had a hot flash and had to remove my hat to cool off quickly.

If you follow me on YouTube at Cancercize with Renee B. then you have seen my bald little head. I don’t count that as people seeing me bald because that is the ‘cyber world’ not real world.

Yesterday I stopped to talk to the homeowners Dan and Angie who I rent an upstairs apartment from. They told me they are so impressed with how well I am handling chemotherapy. They even told me that I make them look lazy! Ha! It is a lovely compliment coming from very wonderful people.

Dan was telling me that he likes all my cute hats and hairpiece and that I have a lot fun with them. Angie said she was glad to see me having ‘fun’ with it.

As we were talking Angie informed me we have a new neighbor across the hall now. They really like her and hoped that I would too. As we were talking the new neighbor walked up. We were introduced to each other and shook hands. She is young and beautiful and seems very nice. We walked into the house and up the stairs together getting a little background on each other. It was nice, the last neighbor was odd and would avoid talking to me.

About an hour later I hear a knock on our door. We were getting ready to go for a walk so I ran to answer the door expecting Dan and Angie. Nope, it was the new neighbor asking for the wi-fi password. I didn’t have my hat or hair or scarf on! I do not know if Dan and Angie ‘warned’ her about my journey. I hope so. If not I can’t even imagine what is going through her head. She was very kind and didn’t stare or act startled. So there is that. Keith ,my husband felt bad for me AND for her. It put me in spot I wasn’t ready for. Sure I answered bald, but I assumed it was the homeowners and they know about the hairless me.


Perhaps after this encounter I will become bolder about bearing my baldness? For now I will stick to the cute hats, wigs and scarves. Like the one my husband is wearing in the picture. A friend made me that hat. It has the hair sewn into it! It was a bit tight and gave me a headache so Keith wore it backwards like that during my last round of chemo to stretch it out. It worked! I wear this one often because it is easy to put on (and take off if I am having a hot flash)





  1. ladieswholunchreviews · May 11, 2016

    Hahaha, your hubby is adorable! If I’d been the new neighbor, I’m pretty sure I would have just asked you about your baldness. But, then, I’m a blurted! xxoo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. neveradullbling · May 11, 2016

    I think it’s great that it happened! No need to hide from it in your own home, there’s no reason to!! And as she didn’t act surprised, she either already knew or she’s a very couth young lady! Either way… win-win, :D. As well, good for you for handling it with grace and a smile!!

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  3. Tammi Kale · May 11, 2016

    When you’re ready, wear and bear your baldness proudly!! You are a survivor – Strut, Baby!

    Liked by 2 people

  4. jacquelineobyikocha · May 12, 2016

    First off, your hubby is a sweet fella 🙂 You are doing so many positive things already and soon you’ll do this without being bothered. I met a lady sometime ago and I admired her strength as she wore her baldness with pride.

    Liked by 1 person

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