Random walking thoughts.

Yesterday I went for a walk. I jogged the last three blocks. I was thrilled and excited and proud of myself. It felt so good.

Today I walked. No wogging just a walk trying to get my 10,000 Fitbit steps in for the challenge.

I had to wait until after 7PM for it cool down a bit before I went for my walk. Turns out that is the best time to walk around my neighborhood.

I can hear people out on their patios, laughing and enjoying the outdoors.

Kids are out playing in the front yard taking advantage of the sun being out later.

What I really enjoy about walking around are the homes and the yards. When you drive by you don’t really get to see all the work put into the front yard or the home. So much hard work to make them look so inviting. I just enjoy peeking into the creativeness and green thumbs of strangers.

As I was walking back home I saw this telephone pole. It is almost completely covered in a vine of some kind. I just thought it was amazing and had to snap a pic and share with you.

Today I am thankful. Thankful for my neighborhood. Thankful I am feeling strong enough to go for a walk (even a small wog yesterday) Thankful for hardworking gardeners, yard crews, laughing children, growing vines and sunshine.

Random thankful walking thoughts.




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