Let’s talk about heat stroke….

Okay, what I really want to talk about are hot flashes. My husband calls them heat strokes. When they strike I kind of have to agree with him.

For me I can usually feel when they are coming on. I often feel nauseous, like I ate something bad, then I flush and flash. Jury is still out if it is a good thing to have a warning sign.

I was told that there are triggers to hot flashes and night sweats. I haven’t been able to find a connection yet. EXCEPT for when I sit here on the couch with my laptop on my legs… that is a trigger.

I don’t understand that the moment I lie down in bed I get a horrible hot flash. I also don’t understand that the moment I get up I have a hot flash. Is it the movement? The body adjusting to lying down and standing up?

A blogger that I follow told me she drinks enough wine to sleep through the night sweats. I find this intriguing. Another friend told me that vodka triggers her flashes. Conflicting.

Yesterday I had flashes ALL DAY LONG! I could barely handle it. I was losing my mind. I was also under a bit of stress at work. Does stress trigger them? That is a stressful thought.

I do not know if I will ever adjust to this ‘new normal’ brought on by surgery and chemotherapy.

The other day I had one come on while hubby and I were at the grocery store. He could hear the heavy breathing and discomfort noises I was making. Yes, hot flashes are noisy. He started blowing on me!! Ha ha he was hoping it would help me. It made me laugh but the slimy sweat was still there.

Anyone out there with advice? Coping mechanisms?

Signed: so tired and sweaty


  1. neveradullbling · September 1, 2016

    You have an amazing husband!! How about ice packs? I don’t have hot flashes but occasionally I get too warm and I cuddle up with an ice pack or two. Just a thought. 😉 I also have a running cooling towel… maybe one of those would work?

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    • breidengale · September 2, 2016

      I have two of the running cooling towels. Sometimes they help. When I get the night sweats it is awful. I become drenched, sometimes I have to change my pajamas and get a different pillow, drenched. :/ it is most unpleasant…. yup hubby is amazing! 😀

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  2. Rebecca Royy · September 4, 2016

    Right there with you! I started getting them.with the tamoxifin. Wine is a trigger for me. I think stress is too. Heavy heavy exercise helps mine too. But his week I’ve worked a lot and haven’t been able to run quite as much…thus worse hot flashes/night sweats all week. Sheesh!!

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  3. theturtle · September 6, 2016

    Tired and sweaty over here too 🙂
    At 53 I had never experienced them before , but now with my surgical induced menopause ( I’m two weeks after total hysterectomy) they’ve been a not so welcome companion for my nights 😉
    My sister keeps a “paper fan” – like those the spanish dancers use – by her bedside and it helps her cool the air around her face (it only works if the air in the room is cool though , and mine is not , but still I’m gonna find one and give it a shot , or maybe a margarita shot would work better 🙂 )
    Turtle Hugs

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