My last meal…..

When you are preparing for surgery you are advised to not eat or drink after midnight so you don’t turn into a gremlin. Or maybe so you don’t pee or poop on the operating table. I am not really sure, I just know that it means no breakfast, no water and no coffee. NO COFFEE!

Tomorrows surgery is early in the morning so it won’t be too bad. I will just be thirsty for a while and then asleep. When I awake I will be on pain meds and anesthesia so there won’t be any caffeine withdrawal headaches. At least that I will notice.

The hubby and I made a pact last month that we would stop eating out as much. We are trying to lose weight and get heathy. We did eat out once a few weeks ago. It was at the casino after a two-hour Zumbathon. We agreed that the next time we eat out (for reals) would be the day before my next surgery. I get to choose any restaurant I wanted.

Some nights it is a bowel of cereal other nights it was a meal that included lots of veggies. I learned to find enjoyment in prepping food and being spontaneous at meal time. I just use what I have in the fridge and make it into a meal. I have found that since we have not been eating out I don’t seem to crave the ‘going out food’ as much. It has helped my waistline and our budget doing this. I am finding peace in prepping and cooking. I am liking the creativity of it too. Who knew?

A few days ago Keith asked me where I wanted to go. He was surprised to hear me say I wanted to cook dinner instead. After all I had potatoes and parsnips sitting in my fridge waiting to be used.

I decided tonight will be brats from the natural market across the street with garlic and parsnip mashed potatoes and sautéed veggies. Pour myself a nice lemon basil hard cider and enjoy my last meal.

I was so excited, and getting so hungry! When I got out my mixer to mash my potatoes up it wouldn’t start. No problem I will just throw it into my Ninja mixer!! I added some milk and blended it for about thirty seconds. Now to add cheese and the garlic….. that’s when I noticed my mashed potatoes where um, extra blended…. like soup blended. Sigh I wanted mashed potatoes. Oh well I will throw in the cheese and the garlic I diced up. It should still taste good just a different texture. I glance over at the brats and realize they are getting a bit dark on the outside. In fact they look burnt. I take them off the heat and cover them so they can finish cooking in their own steam. Well the veggies seem to be doing okay until I stir them and realize they have been overcooked as well and now have a soggy texture.

In hindsight I probably should have waited to drink the hard cider AFTER I made dinner. So much for a great last meal. At lest the lemon basil cider was delicious and didn’t let me down.

P.S. the potato garlic soup was very garlicky!! I should have thrown the garlic in the Ninja with the potatoes, instead it was in small raw chunks. No matter what Keith has eaten since ,he is burping garlic.

P.S.S. that is a picture of a breakfast I had at a local restaraunt call The Blackbird. It was the size of my head. It was not burnt or garlicky or soggy. Would have made a better last meal.


  1. watermark17 · October 14, 2016

    We had steamed veggies and brats for dinner too! I am keeping you in my prayers. Xoxoxo.


  2. breidengale · October 15, 2016

    thank you! Prayers matter.. so does a good dinner. 😉


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