Monday Question: Do You Believe In Yourself?

Always good to step back and reassess. We can all believe in ourselves.

Jay Colby

Do you believe in yourself? This may seem like a pretty simple question and most would answer by saying yes of course. But I would like to challenge you to take a  step back and really analyze your life and the decisions you make or have made. Then think back to those tough decisions you’ve made and how did you decide whether or not to take a chance and follow your passion or dream. Did you have that self-confidence deep inside of you knowing you could do it or did you doubt yourself?

Now some may ask what really does “believing in yourself” mean well simply said it’s the confidence you have in yourself that no matter the situation you face you believe you will  accomplish it. Believing in yourself is important to achieve just about anything in life. If you don’t truly believe in yourself, you can’t get through…

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