Loving my hair….

I posted a video on my Cancercize with Renee B Facebook page yesterday. I was showing off my hair.

Okay not really showing off the hair, rather the hair straightener I used. As you can tell from this picture it really straightened my hair.

When I posted the video about how well the product worked I had comments from friends. One of the comments was they were glad I started liking my hair. Oh Boy! That is a loaded statement in itself! I try to adjust to my hair and it’s ever-changing “style”. Truth is I do not like it. I don’t know when it will finish changing and what it will do next. I AM thankful that it is growing back thick and full like it was in the past.

As I was thinking about that I realized that I have never truly liked my hair. I would grow it out then cut it. I would dye it, curl it, straighten it then wash it out and start over again. I would be happy if I could  get all the sides to lay flat at the same time. I would be happy if it would stay in a ponytail during a workout. I would be happy if the gray roots aka groots were always covered. When I couldn’t keep my weight under control I was happy that I could change my hair.

I knew I was going to lose my hair during chemo. I figured since I never really liked my hair it wouldn’t really matter, and hey I have always wanted naturally curly hair. Ha! Little did I know. Now it is so curly it is hard to do anything with it! So I tried a new product that is to help straighten it. It didn’t really work for me but it did give it some soft control.

Today I did not wake up in time to shower. To tame my wild unruly hair I put on a head band and then used clips to hold down the parts the headband couldn’t. Didn’t look to bad. By the time I left the house I put my knit hat on. It was cold out this AM. I never took the hat off at work. Figured a hat is the best way to hide a bad hair day.

When I got home tonight and finally took the hat off I realized I still had all the clips and head band on too. I had forgotten all about them. Funny thing is, it has been hours and I still feel like I am wearing my hat, clips and band. BUT my hair is laying down flat at last!


PS I am wearing more of that amazing lipstick my girlfriend sells in this pic. It is why I took this picture. I am wearing two layers of Dawn Rising and one layer of Roseberry. Thanks Julie!



  1. neveradullbling · December 31, 2016

    So this is one of the reasons the 80s hair was such a good thing… no need to get it perfect… the wilder, the better, lol! Your hair looks great! Welcome to the world of curl… you too will soon wish for wild and out-of-control hair to come back in style, 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • breidengale · January 2, 2017

      Ha ha! I never think of your hair as wild or out of control! I love that you own your hair. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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