Loving more…

This is Marilee. Marilee is my friend. Everyone should have a friend like Marilee. (:

I know it sounds like one of those silly memes on Facebook! Seriously though Marilee is a great friend.

She and I met at work but never really hung out. One day I was invited to go on a wine tasting tour and I could bring a friend. I invited Marilee. Let me tell you, once you drink too much wine and start over sharing you become friends for life! That is what I think of with Marilee: friend for life.

She was working that fateful day that the phone call came. I was walking out to the dock and she was coming in from the receiving floor. I walked up to her and said ‘guess who has cancer now?’ She was like,’who?’ I said, me. She was dumbfounded and just hugged me. She insisted it was going to be okay. I asked her not to say anything. I was only letting a handful of people know. She hugged me again and went on her way.

We got to this school fundraiser that involves wine and an auction. Brilliant on the schools part. Get people all warm and fuzzy from the wine and beer and then sell stuff to them. Anyway we go with our friend Russ. It was about two weeks after the diagnosis and she wanted to know if I was still going. Of course! Business as usual. We laughed and we ate and we did the silent auction (before the drinking) and we laughed some more. We had a good time. We savored every moment of it. Who knew what was in store for me? Nothing had really been decided yet. She made a point to make sure we had fun.


This picture was taken at that event.

After my big surgery Marilee would come and visit. She brought dinner for me and Keith and spent time just visiting. She would update me about work and tell me how great I looked.

When I went back to work and still hadn’t gone public about the cancer a co-worker told me that she knew about it. I asked how and she said Marilee told me I think. I told Marilee and she was so pissed off! I NEVER told anyone Renee!! I know she didn’t. She was so upset  and fearing that she would lose my friendship she confronted the co-worker and made her apologize!! There is no way Marilee would ever lose my friendship. But she worried about it. I love her for that.

During chemotherapy she would keep her distance (hugging was severely limited during chemo) but smile and wave. I knew she was pretending to hug me.

After chemo and another surgery she and I went to another annual event that we enjoy. It is at a winery (imagine that) up on the hill. It is always a dress up and themed type party with live music and dancing. We always have a lovely time. The featured image at the top is from that event. We danced and drank and ate and laughed. All felt normal and right in my world for that moment.

Let me add just one more thing. Marilee has been giving me her hand me downs when she cleans out her closet. Every time and I mean EVERY TIME I wear one of her outfits I get compliments. She has fun and funky taste. Nothing I would ever buy for myself, yet it transfers over to me just right.

I adore Marilee. She has been so loving and kind to me. She has hugged me and supported me. We laugh and cry together. I am so thankful for her care and concern during my fight.

This is Marilee loving more..

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