Blog on food… day two

Here we go.. my open confession of food:

Breakfast: chocolate superfoods shake with dark cherries and almond butter. Coffee with half and half. Espresso (2) with cream and half and half

Work coffee with half and half. Vanilla late (k-cup style)

Snack: Almonds, one hazelnut Hershey kiss (who knew they existed?)

Lunch: wanted McDonalds; lobby was under construction and drive through was too long . So I came back to work ate my squash/mushroom/onion with pesto sauce along with a coke and a hard boiled egg.

Katie brought back a cheeseburger for me so I ate it. Then went for Funyons in about an hour. Later had my carrot and celery sticks….

Got home about 8PM tonight and made myself a cheese crisp.. you know melted butter flour tortilla and cheese….I wasn’t patient enough to wait so I actually ate a smaller gordita flour tortilla while waiting for the cheese to melt… then added to it the very last of the Tito’s into the ORGANIC semi tart cherry juice… It is organic so that TOTALLY makes it okay…


Bleh.. how was your healthy eating today?


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