Food confession Saturday

Sticking with baring my ugly food soul here is my list today of what I consumed:

Coffee with half and half, espresso with half and half. A chocolate flavored Eggo. Did you know they had such a thing? I didn’t, bought them for the hubby, felt like trying one today.

Lunch was my super dense nutrition shake: chocolate with blueberries and spinach. Then I went to my bosses retirement party and ate caesar salad, chicken wings, some meatballs, veggies and bacon potato skins. Also had an Angry Orchard. It was a nice little party and it gave me the chance to hang with my coworkers in a non clock watching time.

Then we went to the ball game…. I tell you they need to serve something healthy there, not that I would ever eat it but it would be nice to have the option to avoid. This was my dinner: walking taco (Doritos with ground beef, lettuce, corn,cheese and black beans) Angry Orchard, let’s be honest TWO Angry Orchards it was the happy hour so they were ‘on sale” then had a hot dog, an ice cream sandwich and an 20 ounce irish cream decaf mocha to stay warm.


ON THE POSITIVE SIDE… I did work out today AND I drink lots of water. Part of my tracking besides this confession blog I am tracking my weight and my water. Keep track is going to help me get on track and stay on track. At least that is what I believe… Time will tell.. and you get to judge.  (140.6)

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