Sunday Funday Fudgeday…..

okay no fudge today BUT I want to yell ‘ohhhh fudge’ like from ‘The Christmas Story’

I had good intentions today. I even skipped the ball game so I wouldn’t over eat, again… also I wanted to start getting the house together for my moms visit and since I am being honest I really did not want to hang out with the hubby today, he kind of pissed me off but that is a different story… is that a long sentence or what?

Here is the rundown of my food today: Breakfast two eggs cooked in olive oil and the whole entire pack of bacon ALL 8 ounces….ALL of it!! Coffee, half and half, espresso (2) with milk.

Lunch was semi homemade pizza. I bought the dough, sauce and sausage from the deli then added fresh mozzarella cheese slices, black olives and mushrooms.  Made myself a personal pan and ate it all. I mean after all it had mushrooms on it so it has to be good for you, right?

Dinner tonight was two hotdogs in buns with cheese and mustard and a hand full of raw almonds.

No shake today because I was too lazy to put it in the blender and hit start….. berg… here we go.. so much for my fresh start today of doing it right.

Tune in tomorrow to see if I can ever really get this together.
How did you do?



  1. runeatralph · August 27

    Replace husband with wife and I feel like this could be MY life. We are like food twinsies, if you take the black olives out.


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