Wednesday Stats..

Water 4 at work

Coffee ½ and ½ two cups

1 café vanilla latte


2 squares of Hershey’s chocolate bar

Salad with homemade dressing, chicken tomatoes cucumbers



Snack. Yoplait mix-ins caramel yogurt with pretzels and chocolate chunks


Shake today chocolate, spinach and dark cherries

Mocha at home

1 cup coffee with almond milk


Workout yoga


I emailed my list of things that I tracked when I was at work. Then copied and pasted it here… NOW for the dinner fiasco. The hubby and I went to the local Farmers Night Market at Kendall Yards. It was food truck night…. you see where I am going here, right?

Two slices of wood fired pizza and a Coke (blurg) one slice garlic, tomato, sausage,  the other was red bell peppers, artichoke hearts and garlic…. so lots os veggies makes it okay, yeah….. THEN we stopped at the Two Sisters Crepe truck and I had a Nutty Dust crepe. So so good!! Crepe with Nutella and a dusting of cinnamon. Now I am going to drown that out with a lot more water….

Good thing I did Yoga workout this morning..

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