Kinda good today…

Okay keeping score and all in all I think I did pretty good today:

Breakfast: cafe latte with baby arugula and blueberries….I think this is my favorite combo now. Also had a cup of coffee with almond milk and two mocha espressos.

Work: Cafe Vanilla Latte and a coffee with half and half. Salad with chicken and homemade dressing. Strawberries and almonds.

Snack: hummus and pita chips, carrots and string peas


Dinner was ravioli with pesto sauce.. and lots of water.

Mom is flying out tomorrow for the long weekend…so I will not be eating well at all but hope to get my workouts in, at least the yoga.  I will still post. I think these silly confessions are really helping me…..

Have you tried tracking yet? What are you tracking, food, money, workouts? Would love to hear how you are doing.

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