I am out of the country eh…

Hubby and I decided to go on a much needed outing this weekend. We drove up to Canada! I have never been out of the US ever…well once we TRIED to go to Canada years ago and they wouldn’t let us in because our son didn’t have his i.d. on him. So we had to turn around at the border.
This time hubby and I were ready! We had our passports with us. Crossing the border was very anti climatic. And the terrain didn’t change much from the WA side to much.

We are staying the night at the Ainsworth Hot Springs. They have a cave!! The cave is a horseshoe shape cave that the hot springs run through. The cave temp was about 108 today so we went through it and back into the main pool. The main pool runs about07 degrees.  It is a much needed break on my body. Tomorrow the hubby signed me up for a massage and foot soak. I am so excited!! I need that too.

Anyway here is the food I consumed today:

Breakfast: coffee with vanilla almond milk (2 cups) vanilla shake with blueberries and spinach.

Lunch: Ham, swiss and mushroom panini with a side salad that included the house dressing that was sunflower and citrus! It was very good. I had TWO mojitos too.

After a two hour soak in the springs we cleaned up and went to dinner.

Dinner: Hard cider one apple and one pear (Canadian) bannock and dips (basically flat bread) I ate most of the bacon cream cheese dip. Maple Hill Chicken with warmed up kale and asparagus and one small potato. It was pretty good. It also had duck pancetta in it. A first for me. Hubby wanted dessert too so we did the gelato and forget trio. It was tiramisu, maple walnut and mango all with fresh fruit on them.


And that is my food for the day. Happy to have a relaxing adventure with the hubby. Now off to bed I go!

How did you do?

Friday food list..

Here is the run down for my food for the day:

Breakfast: coffee with almond milk, chocolate super foods shake with dark cherries, spinach and cinnamon.

Work: coffee…..had a little bit of a caramel latte from McDonald’s (my freind/coworker brought it for me because of the awful let’s call it like it is; shitty day I had) I drank half of it.

Fiber shake (bleck)

Lunch: Protein shake, spinach salad with oil and vinegar, 1/2 apple

Snack: celery sticks and humus

Dinner: 1 piece of pepperoni off of the scicillian pizza the hubby order(jerk) #notreally #lovehim protein shake (last one) and a spinach, cucumber, bell pepper salad with raw pumpkin seeds.


all in all not a bad day. Got my workout in with my friend and ALL the water and then some.

Heading out of town this weekend for a much needed break. We are going to soak in the hot springs and I get a massage and a foot massage too. I plan on eating and drinking and enjoying myself, especially since I have a doctors appointment on Monday… bleh blood work, pap smear the whole nine yards… I probably shouldn’t indulge too much. #wewillsee


How did you do?

I am just going to leave my soul right here…..

Here comes all the word vomit. IF I wasn’t doing my 3 day Reboot I would be drinking right about now…

It begins with another repeat of a painful body. Swollen joints, twisted hip, knee and elbow. The pain is quite awful and it will be an ibuprofen and CBD oil kind of night. I think it is the change of weather.  It is making everything inflamed.

A very ‘productive’ morning at work didn’t help either. Mel Robbins said to change your verbiage from ‘busy’ to ‘productive’ gives you more energy and less excuses. I was behind for hours. Had to talk to an employee about an error made and they mouthed back to me. Not a fan of a grown man who can’t own up to a mistake. It happens. Own it. Be done with it.

It may not have affected me so much if I hadn’t just been ‘bothered’ by a truck driver. I have already told my co-workers that I will not wait on him anymore. He says things that make me uncomfortable. When I saw him out on the dock, I kept walking and didn’t make eye contact. (my self-defense mechanism)  He saw me walk by and proceeded to follow me. Kept calling me ‘Miss Renee’. He asked me if I ever get tired of hearing ‘ow’ . I was confused, told him I don’t hear that often when I am walking up and down the dock talking to my team. He again repeated the question; Miss Renee do you ever get tired of hearing ‘ow’? I again had no idea how to respond because I had no idea what he was talking about. He continued to walk beside me and ask the same question. Finally he said “Miss Renee do you ever get tired of hearing ‘ow’? You know because they say ow when their necks snap when you walk out on the dock?” I was dumbfounded! I tried to say that is inappropriate or unprofessional but all I could get out was sheepish stammering. I was very uncomfortable. He left, only to come back and say ‘Miss Renee, sorry if I was being a poop’ and he left.

In that moment, that very moment I lost it. Despite being ‘productive’ and in pain and super gassy from all the extra fiber I have been eating/drinking but now I feel ashamed. Ashamed that I couldn’t stand up for myself when it mattered. Ashamed and disappointed in myself for not speaking up and telling him that it WAS inappropriate. That he was a poop..in fact a shit for talking to me like that. That is not OKAY to talk like that to someone you don’t even know. Embarrassed that I just couldn’t get the words out.

Other than that, this is how my food played out today:

Coffee with vanilla almond milk (two of them) Chocolate shake with dark cherries.

Work: two cups of plain black coffee. Fiber Sweep.

Lunch: protein shake, super greens salad with golden beets and tomatoes with oil and vinegar for dressing. Half an apple

Snack…like at 6PM tonight: humus and celery.

Dinner: Protein shake with a handful of spinach in it. I was tired and did not want to make my dinner of veggies tonight.

Funny story.. Last night the hubby came into the bedroom and made a face and asked ‘what is that you got going on in here?’ I told him farting, lots of farting… He said “Yep!” and turned around to go sleep downstairs for the night!! Thank you 3 day reboot for that giggle.


Still gassey tonight but I am actually hurting too much to even care at this point in my night.

Friday HAS to be better!! It has to!

How did you do?

Day One…

Today I started my 3 Day Reboot.  It is veggies and fruit along with protein shakes. I am now FULL OF GAS!! I thought I ate enough veggies so this wouldn’t totally shock my system…I WAS WRONG!! Oh boy.. hope my pants fit around my belly tomorrow.

Anyway here is how the food played out today:

Yoga workout early this AM 40 minutes LOTS of twists to aid digestion.

Water, coffee with almond milk (not on the approved list) 2 cups. Breakfast was my shake with spinach and blueberries.

More coffee at work BUT I did drink it black only.  Lunch was a spinach and tomato salad with oil and vinegar for dressing and a small orange (protein shake too)

Snack: celery sticks and humus

Dinner: 1 cup of veggie broth with seasonings, protein shake and some sautéed veggies. It was actually pretty good.

Water..goal was 75 ounces ended up drinking 175 today. Every time I thought i was hungry I drank water…hence the extra water.

How did you do?



Today was better on the scale..

Woke up this morning and was feeling good! Had my water first then hoped on the scale…numbers are down YAY!! This is what sucks about it though…. everyone is right. Eat right, feel better.  Bleh! Ha ha ..honestly though I do have more energy when I eat better. The scale likes it too.

Had a harder time convincing myself that I wasn’t hungry today so I consumed more water to try and fend it off. I did have a few more carbs today than yesterday. Here is how my day of food played out:

Morning: coffee with vanilla almond milk. Two cups

Breakfast: Superfoods vanilla with spinach and blueberries.

Work: two more cups of coffee with half and half.

Lunch: Spinach salad with tiny tomatoes, olive oil and red wine vinegar. Half an apple. Deli sliced ham and one serving of Triscuit Wasabi and Soy Sauce flavored ( enter the extra carbs I mentioned)

Snack: Humus and Carrot Sticks

Dinner: garlic encrusted tilapia, steamed zucchini and sweet potato tots. (rest of the carbs)

Tomorrow I start my 3 Day Reboot. That means very limited caloric intake and no sugars. I do this several times a year. I refuse to give up my coffee (and almond milk) but all in all it is pretty easy to do. I need this to help get me back on track. Especially since I am traveling this weekend and seeing the doctor on Monday….#bleh

Anyway: Water goal was 75 ounces I hit 100 at work alone. Workout today was Yoga.

Goal tomorrow: Yoga, stick to Reboot plan, lots of water.

How did you do?

and then there were cookies…

Happy Monday!!

If you read my blog last night you know that TODAY is the day I start getting this #@$%#@ together!!

So I will admit I typed this up and pasted it right here:

Water at work: 4 -25 ounces cups so 100 ounces

Coffee with ½ and ½ #2


Humus 2 tablespoons 1 carrot sliced up


Deli chicken breast (no nitrates)

Cabbage salad. 1 serving of homemade Asian dressing five red small tomatoes

½ gala apple

Home Water AM TWO 25 ounce cups of water so 50 ounces

Superfoods vanilla with ½ cup blueberries and 1 green container of the super greens (kale and spinach)

1 espresso with mixture of half and half and almond milk

2 cups of coffee with generous pour of vanilla flavored almond milk


Water goal: 75 ounces

Yoga workout this am. shoulders

When I got home from work tonight I wasn’t sure what I was going to do for dinner. I was home in time to take a moment and eat before having to head out the door for the board meeting.  Reality is I should have a protein and a veggie. I just didn’t know what to make. I was like I know eggs!! Then I remembered I boiled them all for Keith’s lunches.  Hmm… now what.  So it came down to me rationalizing having a carb to keep me alert for the meeting.. and that is what I have did.

Dinner: one bowl of barley/quinoa/rolled oatmeal with flax. I added a dash of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla almond milk.  I actually really enjoyed it and it filled me up.

Then I go to the board meeting. Our amazing president brought grapes and chocolate chunk cookies and lots of chocolate….all I could say was ‘I am not hungry, I am not hungry, I am not hungry” I wasn’t, but the thought of free cookies….oh boy. Turns out that I am ‘freegatarian’ Someone who can’t refuse free food.  I watched as my friends ate the cookies and I kept saying ‘I am not hungry, I am not hungry, I am not hungry’ Guess what? It worked!! I made it through the meeting without touching a cookie!! It may not seem much but it is one small victory.  I am really learning that I need to celebrate each and every small victory. I just don’t want to be so down on myself for failing all the time.

I have to admit that I was quite jealous of the Three Musketeers bar my friend at work was eating…. ugh.

All in all I feel today went well, even if I copied and pasted my food list.

How did you do?

My last meal…..

Do you know what your last meal would be?  I mean if you had knowledge that you were not going to be able to eat again, or the end of the world was coming what your last meal would be. I don’t know what mine would be either. Tonight it was macaroni and cheese…not because it was what I wanted but it is what hubby wanted.

I feel like it is my last meal because this is the week I am going to start eating mostly veggies. I am getting ready to do a 3 Day Reboot and it is a lot of veggies, A LOT and a few protein shakes along with my regular daily superfoods shake. I am going to do that on Wednesday, but Monday I am getting ready for the reboot by eating mostly salads and veggies. It is just easier on your belly that way.

So the mac and cheese tonight feels like my last meal.

This is how my day went. WARNING THIS IS BAD….

Coffee with almond milk, two cups of espresso with almond milk and half and half and a shot of salted caramel flavor.  Breakfast two, yes I said TWO donuts from our favorite local donut bakery.  Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich with a lot of butter on it.  Ice Cream sandwich. Humus and the last of the pita crackers too.

Dinner….mac and cheese with a huge dose of chula sauce.

I didn’t drink enough water either.

I will tell you the truth. I did not get the things done today that I wanted to get done. Why? Because I didn’t eat right and all the sugar and carbs makes me tired and lethargic. I am really looking forward to getting this fixed in my life.

I have a quote if you will that I am trying to practice in my life: “If you are too busy then it really isn’t important to you” Mel Robbins.. She wrote the 5 Second Rule. Has a IG page that I jump into once in awhile when I need to be reminded that I need to just get over it.

How are you doing?






In the nick of time..

Oh my goodness!! I almost forgot to post my food tonight. I know, not a big deal to you. Probably because no one reads this and it doesn’t matter, I do this for me and my accountability.

So here it is for Saturday…my whacked out nutrition:

breakfast: cafe latte superfoods shake with blueberries and spinach.

Morning snack: humus and pita chips.

Lunch:Finished off the last of the sausage and peppers (I have the gas and smelly farts to prove it) then had an ice cream sandwich (leftovers from the customer appreciation at hubby’s work)

Dinner: Costa Vida! Yum! small nachos with queso, black beans, sweet pork and pico de gallo. Cherry coke..everything tasted so good I went up for seconds on the chips and queso…plus another cherry coke.


How did you do?



Sausage and Peppers…

I ordered a Sausage and Peppers sandwich for dinner tonight. Not really a fan of green bell peppers but they were roasted to perfection and it was quite tasty! Big chunks of sausage too. I am telling you DiNardi’s will be the end of my waistline for sure!

Any how here is the obligatory boring list of foods I consumed today:

Breakfast: vanilla shake with blueberries and spinach. Coffee with almond milk, espresso with almond milk and half and half.

Work: coffee with half and half….then I ran our for REAL coffee, ha ha or as I like to call it Froo Froo coffee. Heath Bar to be exact. It is english Toffee and chocolate flavored latte…so so so good.

Lunch: cabbage salad with chicken and Asian dressing along with some pita crackers.

Snack: Carrot sticks

Dinner: half of a sausage and pepper hero sandwich, broccoli cooked in olive oil, butter and garlic and then the last 1/4 of the hubby’s meat Stromboli along with a beautiful lemon basil hard cider.


that is it for Friday.

How did you do?

Thursday Update

This will be boring:

Coffee with almond milk (2)

Vanilla superfoods shake with spinach and blueberries

Go to work: coffee with half and half. Starbucks bottled mocha frap. salad with tomatoes and chicken, dressing. Pita crackers and humus

another cup of coffee with half and half

dinner: orange chicken, two forkfuls of brown rice, bottle of cranberry hard cider

5-25 ounce glasses of water

workout was Yoga Flow (with a lot of chair pose, I hate chair pose)

that is all for today..

How did you do?