Sunday is a fun day in the park…

Pig out in the Park is this weekend. It happens every Labor day weekend. It is actually about six days now instead of just the original three days. There is music and booths that sell their wares and as suggested by the name food. Lots and lots of food booths. We decided to go walk through there today. I am proud to say I didn’t stop and buy anything.

With that said I still managed to pig out all on my own. Confession time:

Breakfast: two donuts, three cups of coffee with creamer.

Lunch: Three pork street tacos and a kale and brussel sprout salad, along with an apricot hard cider.

Off to the ball park. Had a whole bag of peanuts and an Angry Orchard.

Came home and ordered from Dinardi’s the new New York pizza joint near Gonazaga University.  Ordered greek salad with oil and vinegar dressing and a small sausage and black olive pizza form mom and I to share. I had one slice of pizza and half the salad along with a Truly sparkling wine.

and that is why I feel beyond full, can barely button my shorts and am worried I will not be able to sleep because I am so over the top full… blerg


On the plus side I did do my yoga workout today and drank lots and lots of water too.  How are you doing?

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