Just when I thought I was getting back…

Just when I thought I was getting back on track today I TOTALLY fell into that ‘it is a holiday weekend and I have company so it doesn’t really count what I eat’ mode… whew!! Remember to breathe after reading that!!

Anyway, I started the day off well. Had my chocolate superfoods shake with dark chocolate cherries, a spoonful of almond butter and TWO handfuls of arugula (I have to use it up before it gets slimy) Two cups of coffee with almond milk creamer and one cup of espresso with chocolate milk…. then I went to the grocery store and stocked up on ALL the good stuff. Today I was going to do my meal prep for the week. I turned Netflix on for mom to watch while I worked in the kitchen. She watched ‘Nailed It’ and loved it. She was laughing so hard. She doesn’t have cable or streaming tv, so it was fun for her to see.

Okay, so I am cooking chicken, slicing veggies, creating caulissoto (risotto with cauliflower instead of rice) and lots of other healthy things. I then pour myself a glass of cold brew mocha, if you are counting that makes coffee number four. Now it is time to eat some lunch so I split the remaining salad from yesterday with my mom and we each had a slice of pizza.. not to bad. Then I poured mom out the last of the wine while I opened a can of Truly sparkling hard water, which turned into two cans.. sheesh.

I did a yoga workout after that.

We had an early dinner. I grilled up hotdogs. I ate two WITH buns!! Eek. Hot dog with sauerkraut and mustard. Had macaroni salad, and coleslaw. Then had seconds of each.. PLUS the Orange Creme hard cider I shared with mom too.  Now I am so full and bloated and did I mention full?

So, what to do next? It was the last night of the ball game short season out here. BUT I am full so all I am going to do is drink water… Sounds good in theory but I was craving peanuts again so I bought a bag and ate them all THEN I got cold and ordered a caramel mocha decaf to warm up.    So much for starting on track again…Maybe I am actually in a rut not a track.. hmm..

Tomorrow is another day… and another blog. Let’s see how I do then.

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