Wishing for Jalapeños……

Feeling under the weather today. A little bit of a sore throat and body aches. Bleh. When I get a sore throat I always want to eat jalapeños. PS in order to spell that I pronounce it out like ja lop e no s………..anyway that is my excuse for not eating well today. Funny how I feel I need to explain my bad habits..in a sense, justify them.

Breakfast: vanilla shake with peaches and arugula. Added almond butter today too. Coffee with almond milk. Espresso with chocolate milk. Workout this morning was Yoga strength.

At work. More coffee with half and half (2) a bite of a wonderful raspberry croissant a co-worker brought back from Seattle. Also a small container of blackberries (same co-worker brought those too)

Lunch: chicken, apple, beet kale salad, pita chips and humus

Dinner: the rest of the macaroni salad from yesterday and the left over hot dog in a bun with mustard and cheese. An hour later went down stairs and ransacked the cabinets and ran across some beef jerky. Had half of that.

Lots of water and now I am taking some ibuprofen and heading to bed…again.

How are you doing?

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