Half a sleeve, more like three quarters…..

I woke up right away!! Ha that is not true, still guilty of hitting snooze. Anyway I DID get up eventually and did a lot in a little amount of time (thank you weekly food prep)  Here is how my day played out food wise:

Breakfast: vanilla superfoods shake with the last of the frozen peaches and the last of the wilting arugula. Coffee with almond milk creamer and one espresso with chocolate milk foam.

Get to work:  coffee, coffee, coffee!!! and half and half.

Lunch: the rest of the kale, apple, beet and chicken salad. humus pita chips.

Snack time!! : raw almonds and sliced sweet peppers

SOUNDS LIKE I AM DOING SO WELL TODAY……… and prepare for the excuses……

Worked late (7PM) so this is where I just make horrible choices with my food. Tired and hungry, not a good combination. Even though I have a fridge full, FULL of prepared food I ate this instead: 1 can of Truly hard sparkling water 4 corn tortillas with melted cheese on them, half a can of generic Pringle’s and to be quite  honest it turned out to be three quarters of the sleeve…. bleh.

Plus side was my numbers on the scale HAD started going down again and I drank lots of water and have worked out four days in a row now. IN A ROW!!

How are you doing?



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