And the verdict is..

I posted today on my IG page a picture of my healthy intentions mentioning to check my blog and see how I did.  I think by now you ALL know how I did…

Here is the rundown….

Breakfast: coffee and almond milk creamer, espresso with chocolate foam, cafe latte superfoods with spinach and frozen mixed berries.

Work: coffee!!! with half and half.  Had an interview today and I was so hungry that my boss could hear my tummy growling!! So I came down from the interview and a co-worker shared his pepper jack Cheez-its with me. I had seconds…so basically two very large handfuls of crackers.

Lunch: spinach salad with homemade lemon dressing and tomatoes, snack size gouda cheese.

Late snack: cafe vanilla late (k-cup)

Dinner: two pieces of fried chicken from the grocery store deli and a bottle of Lemon Basil Hard Cider. THEY FINALLY HAD IT BACK IN STOCK! (I bought two) Only drank on tonight.

So to answers the question if I followed thorough with my intensions? NO.

PS Today I don’t really care. Doctor appoint on October 1st. I will be kicking myself.

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