Always a down hill…

I left my lunch at work yesterday. I left it there on purpose. It still had the  tuna with veggies in it and my almonds and fresh raspberries. I brought a bag of fresh spinach to go with it today. #goodintentions

Had my superfoods shake. Today was chocolate, dark cherries and spinach. It always fills me up until lunch…..well that and three cups of espresso!!

My lunch time rolled around and I was so busy I didn’t go.  An hour went by and I still didn’t go. So now the downhill begins. My freind from work went to Mc’Donald’s and I talked him into getting me a double cheeseburger meal with a coke.   Ate the burger a few of the fries and inhaled the coke! #rollingdownthehill

Dinner time is pizza from Dinardi’s #love Pizza and salad and Lemon Basil Hard Cider…. man once I start down that hill I never stop rolling.

One more day done and tomorrow is a new start.

Marching back up that hill.



  1. Adebisi Adetunji M. · September 8

    We all do sometimes 😀 So tomorrow match up the hill & don’t beat yourself for yesterday’s down hill.


    • breidengale · September 9

      Learning to not beat yourself is key!! Knowing it is one step at a time and understanding that is HUGE!!


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