I am trying to be consistent about confessing my horrible eating habits and how as a fitness and wellness coach that I suck at this part of it….and to be honest I forgot to workout yesterday and chose NOT to work out today !GASP!!

Truth be told making healthy choices are a CHOICE and I struggle with the consistency of  it all. Follow up, follow through.. all of it is not easy. I do know that someday I will get this. For know I will just keep writing about what I  eat. It is the one thing keeping me honest to myself.

Breakfast was the left over pizza from last night, both slices. I had three cups of coffee with almond milk creamer AND two more cups of mocha cold brew almond coffee.

Lunch was the rest of the salad with balsamic vinegar on it.

Dinner was the last of the hard cider (about half a glass) and tacos.  I made turkey taco meat and every time I make tacos I can not stop at one portion. I had three small flour shell tacos with lots of cheese then had two corn tortillas, yes with lots of cheese.

That is my day. I finished binge watching Season 5 of The Great British Bake Off and also the Season 9 of the Office… so you know productive too.

I did take out the trash, do a load of laundry and did the dishes, so there is that….

How re you doing?

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