yeah, the bacon won again, and other confessions…

Today I got up and Keith and I decided to head out for breakfast. Went to one of his favorites little diner’s called The Chalet up on the hill.  We timed it perfectly and where able to get in right away. Good thing we were both very hungry! He had the the cheese and sausage omelette with toast. I ordered the biscuits and gravy with sausage links and a side of crispy bacon. The waitress knew the links were for the hubby so she split it accordingly. The bacon was cooked just crispy perfect!

So if you are keeping track this is my breakfast today: coffee with creamer (two cups) biscuits and gravy with has browns and bacon.  I ate a slice of the sourdough bread with blackberry jam. Lots of water too.

Lunch, well Didn’t really eat lunch until about 2PM and it was a Little Debbie Swiss Roll.

Went for a walk with the hubby to justify that…wasn’t a long enough walk but it was out doors and together on a beautiful day.

Dinner: I made orange chicken and jasmine rice along with cheese wontons and crab wontons for an appetizer. We headed over to DQ for a free blizzard and I had the m&m one.

I grilled up hotdogs and hamburgers for this coming week and when I put them into a baggies I broke off a small amount and ate that. It totaled about a full bite.

I did not work out this weekend except for the walk. I did drink lots of water.

PS I love bacon.

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