I don’t want to confess about today….

I don’t even know where I went wrong. Okay I do know where I went wrong, I just don’t understand WHY I went wrong… okay yes I do understand that too! I gave into my emotions and just let it all run amuck from there… the emotions weren’t even that strong!!


Breakfast….started off strong as usual. Cafe Latte shakeo with bluberries and fresh spinach. A cup of coffee with almond milk and an espresso with a shot of hazelnut syrup and almond milk. Got to work and had a cup of coffee with half and half. Wasn’t strong enough. Went for a run to the near by coffee shop and had the special Heath Bar again. So good!!! I was super proud of myself for not having a doughnut. I should have stopped there..


Had a very emotional day at work. Not even sure I can even understand what threw me into the loop of the emotions in my head but it definitely manifested itself into eating bad food. Didn’t even go back to the fridge to see what was in my lunch bag….went straight to McDonald’s and had the smokey bacon cheeseburger with sweet mustard and a small coke. If that wasn’t enough I was craving, CRAVING red licorice…RED!!!! That isn’t even real licorice.. I really only like the real black licorice not the knock of red vines people call ‘licorice’..ate a whole serving package from the vending machine from work. 400 calories per package..blerg.

THEN to top it off I get home, open the bottle of prosseco that I bought for when my mom came to visit and poured not one, but two glasses of it. Then indulged myself with a hot with bun and sauerkraut and the rest of the hubby’s generic Pringle’s.

Oh my!! Good thing I am having my reboot soon. I think. If I can stick to it for three whole days!!


How are you doing?

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