Volunteer day!

Today the business my hubby works for had their Grand Opening Customer Appreciation day. Showing off their new building and how blessed they have been in the last 28 years. What started in a garage with a husband and wife mowing yards after work to the company it is now. They have fifteen mowers, two salesmen, and pest control. My hubby is the pest control supervisor for the company. Since today was the grand opening they sent out 4000 invitations to their customers to come on by take a tour, eat some bbq and hang out. THANKFULLY only about 300 showed up. It was a long but fun day…. now time for my logging of my food for the day..

Breakfast: chocolate superfoods shake with dark cherries and spinach. Two cups of coffee with milk.

Get to Living Water and had several cups of coffee with french vanilla creamer.

Lunch break: Longhorn BBQ. I a big plan green salad with some vinaigrette dressing and  some sliced beef and shredded pork with extra sauce. (no bread)

Got home about 4:30 and we are exhausted….so that means pizza for dinner. I had one slice of pizza, 1/4 of a greek salad with balsamic dressing and 3 very thick and very garlicky pieces of garlic toast.

So if you are counting, that is THREE servings of veggies. Lots of protein… and then of course some silly carbs.  Had more than my normal share of water too.

Now I am snuggled in bed with the hubby watching an Amazon Prime show ‘Forever’ with Fred Armison. Maybe we will watch an episode of 3rd Rock from the Sun tonight too. #areyoujealous?

How did you do?



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