and the gummy wins……

How many of you set out with great intentions? I mean seriously great intentions and just a few hours later you have already lost track of what you wanted.

My intentions this week:

Do not hit snooze alarm.

Work my business for half an hour

Follow up with people.

Eat better.

So, I took steps to put my phone on the other side of the room. The intention was that when the alarm went off I would get out of bed and actually get up on the first ring. Turns out my phone actually has a snooze alarm built in and will go off at least four times before actually shutting itself down. SO that was a fail.

Keith and I ate dinner on the couch and watched a Netflix show called ‘Strong Girl Bong-Soon’ kid you not that is the name of the show. I feel like my friends that truly know me should have told me about this show years ago!! It was amazeballs!! An hour and half later, yes one and a half hours for the first episode I am now here in bed blogging about my food. So if you are looking at my list I am 0 for 3….

Last intention today was to eat better. HA!! What a fail that was today. Started off with two scrambled eggs with spinach and mushrooms and a dash of Chulula sauce (my favorite) two cups of coffee with almond milk and one espresso with almond milk and half and half.

Head to work and this is where it all goes to poop…..

1 LARGE handful of gummy worms and sour gummies

3 20 ounce water bottles

2 cups of coffee with half and half

1 hotdog with bun, I scoop of chili beans sprinkle of cheese and onions.

Cabbage salad with tomatoes and homemade dressing from Fixate recipe book.

1tsp of sunflower seeds. 3 mini marshmallows and one peanut. yes ONE peanut… all at work.

The intention was to only have my shake for dinner. Well let me tell you this now makes me 0 for 4!! Got home and the hubby tells me that his work  sent him home with some of the leftovers from Saturday. The BBQ sandwich sounded good so I made one for him and one for me….then I had seconds of just the meat…then had my shake for desert.  So dumb. Not the shake that fact that I couldn’t stick to one single good intention. All I can say is I need to try again and again and again.

Stay tuned to see if I can get it right tomorrow.

How did you do?

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