Wednesday brought tacos…

actually it brought a burrito but it doesn’t matter. It was a tortilla, with meat and cheese…so kind of a taco.

Anyway, I don’t really feel like writing anything witty or fun or even entertaining so I will just post what I ate today…

Woke up on time for once. No snooze. Had coffee with almond milk.  Then made an espresso with 1/2 and 1/2 mixed with almond milk and a shot of sugar free Irish cream flavoring.

Breakfast: my superfood shake. Cafe Latte with blueberries and spinach. It is my favorite.

At work: another cup of coffee with half and half. Then a Starbuck Mocha Frap from the vending machine.

Lunch: a piece of baked chicken. Cabbage salad with tomatoes and black olives and more of the Asian homemade dressing I made. Pita cracker chips with humus.

Snack: a carrot

Dinner: well that wonderful amazing HUGE burrito form Taco El Sol. I was craving their tortilla….so I gave in..


that is all.


How did you do?

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