Sausage and Peppers…

I ordered a Sausage and Peppers sandwich for dinner tonight. Not really a fan of green bell peppers but they were roasted to perfection and it was quite tasty! Big chunks of sausage too. I am telling you DiNardi’s will be the end of my waistline for sure!

Any how here is the obligatory boring list of foods I consumed today:

Breakfast: vanilla shake with blueberries and spinach. Coffee with almond milk, espresso with almond milk and half and half.

Work: coffee with half and half….then I ran our for REAL coffee, ha ha or as I like to call it Froo Froo coffee. Heath Bar to be exact. It is english Toffee and chocolate flavored latte…so so so good.

Lunch: cabbage salad with chicken and Asian dressing along with some pita crackers.

Snack: Carrot sticks

Dinner: half of a sausage and pepper hero sandwich, broccoli cooked in olive oil, butter and garlic and then the last 1/4 of the hubby’s meat Stromboli along with a beautiful lemon basil hard cider.


that is it for Friday.

How did you do?

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