My last meal…..

Do you know what your last meal would be?  I mean if you had knowledge that you were not going to be able to eat again, or the end of the world was coming what your last meal would be. I don’t know what mine would be either. Tonight it was macaroni and cheese…not because it was what I wanted but it is what hubby wanted.

I feel like it is my last meal because this is the week I am going to start eating mostly veggies. I am getting ready to do a 3 Day Reboot and it is a lot of veggies, A LOT and a few protein shakes along with my regular daily superfoods shake. I am going to do that on Wednesday, but Monday I am getting ready for the reboot by eating mostly salads and veggies. It is just easier on your belly that way.

So the mac and cheese tonight feels like my last meal.

This is how my day went. WARNING THIS IS BAD….

Coffee with almond milk, two cups of espresso with almond milk and half and half and a shot of salted caramel flavor.  Breakfast two, yes I said TWO donuts from our favorite local donut bakery.  Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich with a lot of butter on it.  Ice Cream sandwich. Humus and the last of the pita crackers too.

Dinner….mac and cheese with a huge dose of chula sauce.

I didn’t drink enough water either.

I will tell you the truth. I did not get the things done today that I wanted to get done. Why? Because I didn’t eat right and all the sugar and carbs makes me tired and lethargic. I am really looking forward to getting this fixed in my life.

I have a quote if you will that I am trying to practice in my life: “If you are too busy then it really isn’t important to you” Mel Robbins.. She wrote the 5 Second Rule. Has a IG page that I jump into once in awhile when I need to be reminded that I need to just get over it.

How are you doing?






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